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Hey, What’s Up, Hello,

I'm Essence Sylvia Smith!

I’m a finesser because I realized throughout various points in my life I just had to figure it out. I learned how to make life work for me and maneuver smoothly through it. I can remember when I was younger, I would sell my brother toys to make money and go buy my favorite food at Dominos, I remember when I couldn't dance - I learned how, I remember taking speech therapy and being shy and timid but now I’ve worked to do the opposite. I realized I was born to lead and born to shine. I’m a finesser because I have a zest for life and will find a way even when it seems impossible.

I was once asked what I was going to do next? My response was "I am going to finesse my way through life" and thus #LiveFineSSe was born. I won't even attempt to describe myself because I am unapologetically me. However, I hope you'll take the time to get to know me. I created this website to share my lifestyle brand with the world. Focusing on

  • Lifestyle

  • Style

  • Travel

  • Beauty

  • Wine

  • and more!

and the life of a FinESSer.

Welcome to my world, Enjoy!

And As Always, ✨


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You inspire people who pretend not to see you, I know you see me
— Essence Sylvia Smith

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