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Essence Sylvia Smith is the creator and owner of Live Finesse LLC, a lifestyle brand created for finessers that features content with post related to brand knowledge, style, beauty, travel, wine and more. Essence was born in Decatur, GA, but was raised in Chapel Hill, NC. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC. Since 2016, Essence has been working to grow her influence and expanding The Live Finesse brand. To date, the Live Finesse brand has expanded into a newsletter (The House of Finesse), Podcast (The Hot Girls Podcast), Engagement Group for women of color (B.I.G.G.), A women’s empowerment dance class (Duality), and a Shop (The Live Finesse Shop). Essence is now focusing on educating content creators of color through her School of Finesse. She earned her Bachelors degree in Economics from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She believes knowledge of economics is paramount for the advancement of the Black community.

Essence is a finesser because she realized throughout various points in her life she just had to figure it out. She learned how to make life work for her and maneuver smoothly through it. She’s a finesser because she has a zest for life and will find a way even when it seems impossible.

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You inspire people who pretend not to see you, I know you see me
— Essence Sylvia Smith

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