Get B.I.G.G.



How to get b.I.g.g…

Are you a woman blogger, vlogger, influencer, content creator, business owner, brand owners, or just someone who desires to grow their Instagram?

There are several Facebook engagement groups that exist. However, none are specifically for women on color who want to grow and engage their Instagram accounts.

We as women of color need to unite and together we can all achieve the growth and engagement on Instagram that we desire!

I’ll give you a head start, to participate in the group you must do the following:

1) Follow @EssenceSylviaSmith and @SeQuoyaDakota on Instagram

2) Like their business Facebook pages:

3) Be an active participant and follow the rules of the group.

What can I expect ?

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will post a thread for

  • Instagram Likes

  • Instagram Comments

  • Instagram TV

  • Tips, Advice, and more!

Monthly Promotion

  • Time to showcase your other platforms, events, merchandise, and more.

Tuesday Tips

  • Weekly advice and tips on ways to increase and grow.

Each post will be open that day from 7 am - 11 pm EST. Once the post is closed you must complete the action within 48 hours.


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