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I been gone for a minute.......


For those of you who thought livefinesse was just another failed blog, you're wrong. My first blog was just that, my first blog. I found myself struggling with content, design, and motivation. Now that I think about it.. my first blog was a way for me to prove to myself that I could do it, and I did. Enough with the past and on to the present. On May 23, 2017 marks my 25th birthday, what better way to start fresh then with a new blog? 


Knowing that I am 25 is a little scary. When you're younger you envision what life should be like and what mile stones you should be reaching and at what age. If I went by expectations  when I was younger I'd be married, traveling the world, working on my phD, have the same friends I've know forever, and at my socialite status by now. 


Honestly, I'm not doing too bad but I'm not where I want be. I know that with age comes wisdom and I have been working on learning the and developing each day. I am not the kind of person who believes that I know it all but my birthday gift to all of my finessers is a list of 5 Things I Know Now That I’m 25.



If you think about it, 25 really isn't old at all. Times are changing, when our parents and grandparents were 25 some of them had already transitioned to holding down the household and providing for their families. This day in age, millennia's like myself are having kids at a later age and some are even opting to forgo having a family and go the corporate route. I say this to say, if you reach the 25 year old milestone it's okay to not have it all together. At this age we are on the tail end of figuring it out and are ALMOST fully on our own. Always keep mom and dad on standby lol.




We learned the song in grade school: :make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold." Whether you are in elementary school or a 25 year old adult, the concept of friends remain the same.  Don't forget where you came from. Simply meaning you're always going to have your day one friends that will ride for you regardless. However, don't be afraid to add to your circle. When choosing friends, invest in those who seem to be mutually invested in you. Friendships are relationships and no one wants a one sided relationship. 




I say this currently being in an 8 year on and off again relationship with my high school sweat heart. But, I have never been more happier in my relationship.  Some times our biggest baggage can be the relationships that we are in. Love is so difficult and can really be a challenge. I have friends who are darn near close to jumping the broom, living the single life, and  having babies out of wedlock (who cares about societies standards). All that matters is your happiness. If your significant other doesn't realize who they are with, drop them! Now this could mean you may need a break but, if you love them and let them go, true love will always find a way. 




Stop worrying about where you want to be and enjoy where you are at. This doesn't mean you should stay complacent. Stay hungry and grind hard but remember that sometimes it's okay to celebrate your accomplishments of where you are now. 




As I get older, I realize that blood bonds my family and I. I may not like them but I love them. There have been moments in my life were my family came through for me. I have friends who I consider family but it all remains the same, family will always be in your corner, even the shady of them all. 


Life only gets realer as you get older. I wish I had the same life and things that I saw as major issues when I was 18 years old, or even the 21 year old me. At 25 years old...


I’m out here grinding, living my dreams, and accomplishing my goals. 
— -Essence Sylvia Smith

But enough with the life lessons, cheers to new endeavors, and most importantly...

And As Always,✨


Happy 25th Birthday to Me!