I Am My Brand 2017 - Black 49er Edition - Live FinESSe

Life after college can be challenging. I had the pleasure of graduating from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. No, I didn't attend an HBCU, I graduated from a PWI.  At UNC Charlotte, the black population has been growing over the years. We are a close knit group. This article is dedicated to 20 "young" movers and shakers who are out there doing it. They all share  the same commonalities:

  • They are 20 "something"

  • They are apart of the Black UNCC family

  • Each excels in their area of expertise

  • They are finding success with life after college in their business endeavors.

In no particular order, lets begin..

1. Janelle Collins

She can assist you with anything from Orijanelle graphics or greek apparel from her business Grit Apparel Co

Orijanelle Designs & Screenprinting

Orijanelle Designs & Screenprinting



2. Justin Surgeon

Inigma Productions, started in Fall of 2015 in Charlotte, NC, is an independent business that specializes in custom art work. I've have had the pleasure of getting a self portrait painted by him. #SaveTheArt

3. Damien Allgood

Allgood Trade Enterprise is a family owned and operated cleaning service in the Greater Charlotte area. They offer residential and commercial cleaning services that stands behind the promise of delivering the best cost & time effective cleaning practices on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

4. Latesha Byrd

Are you ready for your career to take flight? Byrd Career Consulting offers several services that can assist you. They offer resume critiques, resumes makeovers, interview prep, performance coaching, speaking, and more. 

5. Shante' Burke

Burke- Hayer Law Firm, PLLC. is a new law firm located in Charlotte, NC. Shante' became an attorney to impact society and the lives of others through the practice of law. 


6. Shaud McCray

DR3AM3RS is a clothing line inspired by the idea of bringing positivity to our communities.  Their current summer collection is a must-have.

Dream More Sleep Less



7. D'Angelo Taylor

SuperDope Nation is an artist consulting and marketing powerhouse, driven on strategically improving artist sound and providing multiple platforms for discovery.


8. Bree Law

Quirktastic.co is a media outlet for quirky millennials and creative entrepreneurs of color. Quirktastic is owned by Quirktastic Media, LLC. Bree, for those who know her persoanally is the epitome of  #BlogGoals. 

You can also shop in The Quirk Shop by clicking here

9.  Fabian Elliott

He is Founder & CEO of Black Tech Mecca. BTM is a data-driven think tank dedicated to addressing the most critical issues impacting how tech ecosystems serve black tech communities. 


10. James Shipman

Prime Time Aesthetics dedicates itself to a level of enthusiasm that motivates, inspires, educates, and supports each client to achieve their optimal potential. Prime Time Aesthetics has determined it is imperative to help each and every individual make their life better, easier, and healthier.


11.  Brianna S. Johnson

She is the owner of B. Glamhairous, a salon, blog, and e-commerce shop. She gives professional hair care tips, makeup and skin products, fashion for glamour girls of all ages. 



You can shop her e-commerce site by clicking here

12. Joseph Okeiga

A man of many talents, not only is he the creator and founder of Task Away but he is also a realator at Better Homes & Gardens Go Realty. 



13. Vernisha Crawford

She is a jack of all trades. Vee is a Business Owner, Life Coach, Youth Advocate, Philanthropist, and mother to sum it up.  She is the owner and founder of BYE LLC. and started a Miss All Natural Pageant in Charlotte, NC. 


14. Khaleel Loyd

Lloyd Visuals is a group of three brothers who share the same passion for photography and videography in hopes of creating memorable visuals that will stand the test of time. Khaleel has had the privilege of documenting special events for many within the 49er Family.

15. Lamar Devereux

Designs by Devereux offers full service wedding and special event planning, design, and décor. From everyday events to once in a lifetime moments, they create a custom and unique experience that you and your guests will always remember, and for all the right reasons.

16. SeQuoya Addison

A healthy lifestyle should be applied both within and to your exterior. She is dedicated to living wellness through Yoga and Skincare. Namaste


17. Rico Lindsay

Sole Individual was born in a "cubicle".  They have grown from a simple t-shirt company to a full fledge brand dedicated to providing quality pieces inspired by the cultures we're derived in.


18. Mik Armstrong

She is a talented artist (sol.leigh)  However, she makes the list because she is a believer in giving back and impacting her community. She created The Elevation Project Scholarship given to a graduating senior at Graham High School to pursue their passion.  


19. Darryl P. Bellamy Jr. 

Bellamy Inspires capitalizes on fear to maximize your determination and potential. He is a captivating motivational speaker and author collecting fears and encouraging others to live our best lives. He will #MeetYouAtTheTop!



 last but certainly not least...

20. Essence Sylvia Smith

Okay, ok , this may seem a bit biased because I created the list but watch out for me world! I have a lot to offer with my brand and blog. You can check out my new services page and be on the look out for my upcoming events and my online shop! Remember #LiveFinesse


To my influencers who made the list, know that I see your hustle and your grind. I salute you and wish you much success and prosperity.  Continue to inspire others within and outside of the 49er community, you never know who's watching. 

And As Always,✨



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