Ask ESS - My Responses to Tuesday's QuEStionS

Hello FinESSers!

Every Tuesday, on my Instagram story, I poll my followers and ask them a series of questions. I love the feedback I receive and I always have great participation. Some of my past themes have been:

  • Black Movies

  • Relationships

  • UNC Charlotte Homecoming

  • UNC Charlotte Homecoming Review

  • Industry Beefs

  • Women’s Clothing

  • Reality TV

  • 90s & 2000s Musics

  • Voting

This past Tuesday (11/6/18), I decided to let my followers ask me questions. You can find my responses are below:

Do you remember the dance we did in middle school to Rhythm Nation?

Yes, I was just thinking about this the other day. The song came on the radio. Everyone was beefing about who should perform. The faculty squashed the beef and made us do it together. I practiced so hard for the performance. However, my fraternal great- grandfather passed and his funeral was in Athens, GA the same day of the performance. Unfortunately, your girl never got to be apart of the Rhythm Nation.

What’s been your most exciting moment of 2018?

Honestly, Truly, 2018 has been a great year for me. It’s really hard to choose. I’d have to say traveling. 2018 has been the year I put miles on the road, in the air, and the ocean. There’s a big world out there and I’m trying to see all of it and enjoy it. I just pray that 2019 shows me the same love.

Want to see where I’ve been? Click here.

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

I would love for my brand to take off! I’ve been working on consistency and I just want to make Essence Sylvia Smith- Live Finesse, a house-hold name. I’m anticipating Essence Festival as well. I just had a great time, I HAVE to go back to what inspired me to restart my brand.

I hate shopping, but I want to be fly. Help! Advice?

I feel you! I don’t care to spend a long time shopping either. I am the type of shopper who is in and out and doesn’t spend too much time in stores. Shopping online has become “my thing”. I really just take my time and add to my cart as I go. My advice is, just do you, pick an item here and there and eventually you’ll build your closet.

What advice do you have to someone who wants to start their own brand?

This is probably my favorite question that was asked. I would tell this person the following:

  • Just Do It! Often times we get in our own way thinking that everything has to be perfect when it doesn’t. Yes, you always want to put your best foot out there but sometimes aiming for perfection can limit us.

  • Start supporting others how you want to be supported. You will often see me commenting, liking, sharing other content from dope individuals. I started doing this not so they would do it for me but because starting a brand/business can be hard. The more support you have the better. I want people to know that I see them and will do whatever I can to support. So, if all it takes is coming to their event, liking, commenting, sharing, etc. I’m going to do it. If it’s genuine people will return the love and support.

  • I would also tell them to block out negativity. This is easier said than done. Not everyone is going to get what you are doing but there are those who will. You just have to push through and keep going. It’s easy to let others bring you down. People always have a lot to say. Just ignore it! You’re inspiring someone and you might not even know it.

  • Lastly, I’d tell them to build their tribe. You can’t do it alone. I’ve met so many dope creatives who motivate me. My friends and family have also been some of my biggest supporters. It’s motivating to know that people believe in you and want you to do well!

Whew! I was slightly nervous. You could have asked me anything in the world but Finessers, you kept it cute. I’ll definitely have to do this again sometime. Thanks for the questions, all the love, and support.

And As Always,✨


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