My Favorite Inspirational Quotes from 2018

Have you ever found a quote or saying that moves your spirit? Who doesn’t love a good, inspirational quote? Words have power, point, blank, periodt!

I began my love affair with quotes in elementary school when my teacher would make us write down a quote of the day, each day in our planners. At a young age I grew a love for quotes that has turned into a low key obsession in my adult life. Quotes are empowering, motivating, and captivating. I love how they can uplift you and inspire you. Sometimes, I find quotes and feel like they were made specifically for me. This is because at that point in time, they were exactly what I needed to see or hear.

Today, as we prepare for the new year, I thought I’d keep things simple and share some of my favorite quotes from this year. Below, you can read some that have touched me lately. In the comments below, share your favorites with me too. I will add to this blog post as they come in.

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