Self Care: Coloring Book Series For Black Women

Sis, let me be honest…

A moment of transparency - your girl has been stressed. As I am working to build my brand, it is causing me lack of sleep, stress, and anxiety. This is on top of the normal everyday stresses of life. Stress can literally kill you! By no means am I complaining because I know that there is always someone out there in a worse situation than I am, and I know that the fruits of my labor will ultimately be rewarding.

As “strong” black women, society teaches us that we need to be self-sufficient and self-sacrificing. We serve as providers to others and take on multiple roles that can cause us stress and lead to suffering in silence.

I am beating this stress is by coloring. Yes, I said coloring! I received some dope coloring books as a Christmas present and honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful. Adult coloring has become a phenomenon and is helping to distract adults from the daily pressures of life. And how dope is it that there’s a coloring book specifically for women of color ?

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A fellow black woman and entrepreneur, Latoya Nicole, launched a brand new coloring series, “Entrepreneurs Color Too”. This series currently includes two adult coloring books “80’s Ladies” and “24 Shades of Business.”

  • “80’s Ladies” - is a fun and a decade-trendy coloring book.

  • “24 Shades of Business” - is a #1 best seller and features black women in various roles such as a CEO, author, real estate agent, blogger, yoga instructor, and more.

Aside from coloring pages, these coloring books also feature inspirational quotes and activities such as mazes and crosswords. This North Carolina based entrepreneur and Winston Salem State University (WSSU) graduate is truly doing her part to help other women of color reduce their stress with something so simple, yet very beneficial.

So where can you buy these coloring books?

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Black women, it’s time for us to unite again and support each other. I hope that you will join me in de-stressing and coloring.

And As Always, ✨


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