Wine Tips For Beginners - On Wednesdays We Drink Wine (OWWDW)

So you’ve been drinking wine but are you doing it right? or maybe you are ready to get your feet wet and explore the world of wine. Well, I am here to share with you some beginner wine tips to help you taste/drink wine like a pro.


How to taste wine

  1. LOOK

    Once you’ve poured your wine take a look at the color of the wine. Is the color vibrant or dull/dark? Is it clear or cloudy?

    Older red wines have brown and orange hues compared to younger ones. Older white wines are typically more golden.

  2. LEGS

    Tilt your wine glass at a slight angle to observe the legs on the wine. Wines with a high alcohol content have a higher density of droplets on the sides of the glass than low alcohol wine. Sweeter wines will flow slower down the sides of a glass.

    More “legs” can indicate high alcohol content and/or high sugar content in wine.

  3. SMELL

    Give your wine glass a swirl and insert your nose into the glass. What is it that you smell? Spices, berries, etc. Try to identify the different aromas. and eventually you will find several that you prefer.

  4. TASTE

    Sip the wine, what flavors and sensations do you detect?


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Things to consider when tasting/drinking wine

  • Serving Wine

    These are typical ways to serve your wine but feel free to do what suites you:

    • White wine- served chilled

    • Red wine- served at room temperature

    • Sparkling wines- served at cold temperatures

  • Pairings

    Maybe you experienced a wine that you don’t like. Explore some pairing guides to see what pairs best with that wine. I promise you if paired correctly you will experience a completely different experience.

  • Wine Glass Style

    Did you know that there is actually a science of why you should use certain glasses with certain types of wine?   We will explore this more later

  • Storing/Saving Wine

    You can always re-cork your wine because it goes bad once air starts to hit it. However, there are other ways to store your wine.

  • Explore

    Get out of your comfort zone and explore more wines. If you go to your local grocery store or total wine consider purchasing a bottle you’ve never tried. The only way you will discover more wines, is if you taste more wines!

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