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I’m sure that you’ve heard the key to Instagram growth is posting. Consistently. “But how do I have something to post everyday?!” I get this question all the time. I’ve been serious and focused on growing my brand for the past few months and have seen tremendous growth on my Instagram.

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Instagram’s popularity has been growing steadily since first debuting in 2010. Because Instagram is booming and hasn’t stopped, I knew I wanted Instagram to be a big part of my social media strategy. In July 2018, I began a goal of posting everyday on Instagram. I haven’t been perfect in achieving this but I mean, who is?

Part of my Instagram growth strategy is showing up and engaging on my Instagram (follow me - @essencesylviasmith) consistently. If you visit my page you’ll see that I’m an active Instagram user and it’s one of my favorite platforms. In less than one year I’ve been able to grow my followers from 1,800 to 7,000+.

Everyone (over 500 million daily users) is doing it for the ‘gram. It is THE platform to consider for most businesses and brands, especially when it comes to getting engagement.

The goal is to customize your feed and attract followers to grow your audience. This can be done by applying presets (filters), creating an aesthetic or theme, and posting what applies to your brand or business. If you are like me, consistency is hard but sometimes it’s even harder to decide what you should post with no inspiration.

So, I decided to curate a list of 50 Instagram Post Ideas. Use this list as the inspiration you need when you hit a road block or just don’t know what to post, but want to stay consistent.

Follow me on Instagram  @essencesylviasmith !

Follow me on Instagram @essencesylviasmith!


  1. The Weather

    Weather has a big impact on our day and help determine moods. | Great For: outdoor and lifestyle accounts.

  2. Brand/Business colors Images

    You can literally find or take a photo that associates to your niche and colors. | Great for: any blog, brand, or business.

  3. Graphics or quotes

    Quotes are daily motivation so why not post them? Customize them to fit your brand or business. | Great for: all accounts.

  4. Events/Promotion

    Events definitely need to be promoted, so post the event graphics or something that relates to it. | Great for: any blog, brand, or business.

  5. Your Pet

    People love pets! which is why #PetsOfInstagram has 25 million post to date. | Great for: family or lifestyle accounts.

  6. Where you’re from

    People love learning about the person behind the brand. Why not rep where you’re from? | Great for: any blog, brand, or business. [Pro-tip: don’t forget to hashtag, especially if your city has a nickname like #CLT.]

  7. Workspace

    If you took the time to decorate your work space, show it off! | Great for: any blog, brand, or business.

  8. Sports Team

    Sports is another favorite. People love boasting about their favorite teams. | Great for: lifestyle, brands, or businesses.

  9. Flowers

    Flowers are universal and can brighten up any feed. | Great for: wellness, outdoors or lifestyle accounts.

  10. Nails

    Let’s face it, a good nail flick never hurt anyone. | Great for: beauty, wellness, and lifestyle accounts.

  11. OutFit Of The Day

    If you woke up and you’re feeling good, flex for the ‘gram. | Great for: style and fashion accounts.

12. Outfit Inspiration

Who inspires your style, who do you want to shout out? | Great for: any blog, brand, or business.

13. Shoes

Let us take a walk with you in your shoes. | Great for: style or lifestyle accounts. [Pro-tip: tag accounts like @ihavethisthingwithfloors and the shoe brand that you’re wearing - you might even get a repost!]

14. Milestone

Maybe it’s your birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary or you just secured a new gig. Whatever it is, celebrate it. | Great for: all accounts.

15. Children

If you don’t mind sharing your kids. | Great for: family and lifestyle accounts.

16. Throw It Back

Take us back to last week or a favorite memory.| Great for: all accounts.

17. Books

What are you reading, what’s on your kindle? | Great for: all accounts.

18. Products

Currently, what’s your favorite products or something you can’t live without? | Great for: beauty or lifestyle account but great for any blog, brand, or business.

19. Food

You too can be a #foodie, perfect the shot! | Great for: food and lifestyle accounts.

20. Accessories

There’s just too many options: bags, shoes, belts, necklaces, and more. | Great for: style and lifestyle accounts.

21. Giveaways

People love a good giveaway because people like free. | Great for: any blog, brand, or business.

22. Other Platforms

Have a good tweet or Facebook post? It’s okay to cross promote on various platforms. | Great for: all accounts.

23. The Great Outdoors

Take a hike! No literally take one or do whatever outdoor activity you enjoy. | Great for: outdoor, wellness, or lifestyle accounts.

24. Plants

Show the world your green thumb. | Great for: outdoor, wellness, or lifestyle accounts.

25. Recommendations

What are some of your favorite places, things, or products? | Great for: any blog, brand, or business.

26. Events

Show us where you are and what you’re doing. | Great for: all accounts.

27. Morning Routine/ Daily Routine

Do you have a morning routine? People love behind-the-scenes. | Great for: beauty, personal, and lifestyle accounts.

28. City Views

Show the sky line, landmarks, nighttime views, and more! | Great for: all accounts.

29. Selfies

These are classics, selfies will never go out of style. | Great for: all accounts. [Pro-tip: photos with faces get 38% more likes according to Sprout Social.]

30. Activities

From game night to a night out. The possibilities are endless. | Great for: all accounts.

31. This or That / Poll

It’s interactive and lets you learn more about your audience. Plus they’re fun to make and fun to take. | Great for: all accounts.

32. Your “Why”

Why did you start your business or brand? Share your story. | Great for: all accounts.

33. Costumes

Halloween is fun but Cosplay is always in. | Great for: lifestyle or beauty accounts.

34. What’s in your bag

Show us the goods. | Great for: lifestyle or beauty accounts.

35. Holidays

Family photos, giving back, traditions and more. | Great for: all accounts.

36. Flat lays

If you can master this technique, you are on your way. | Great for: all accounts.

37. Your lifestyle

Whatever it is that you’re doing in your day. | Great for: all accounts.

38. Sneak Peaks

Just like a movie preview, people love to get a first look. | Great for: all accounts.

39. Store or Shopping

When you found something cute in store or you look good shopping in the store, snap a flick. | Great for: beauty, lifestyle, wellness, or family accounts.

40. An Inspiring Figure

Why not shout someone else out? | Great for: all accounts.

41. Client testimonial

This is a perfect way to attract other clients or business. | Great for: any blog, brand, or business.

42. Drinks

We want to see tea, coffee, libations, and all. | Great for: food, wellness, or lifestyle accounts

43. From Above

This can really be any photo from a different angle. Change your perspective, change the ‘gram. | Great for: all accounts.

44. Behind The Scenes

Show us your planner or a behind-the-scenes of your content creation or business. | Great for: all accounts.

45. A collage

Can’t decide on one photo or don’t want to swipe? Well, post a creative collage. | Great for: all accounts.

46. Zodiac Signs

I am #TeamGemini and like most, I love to know other people’s signs or if we are deemed compatible. |Great for:lifestyle accounts.

47. Organization Affiliation

Sororities/Fraternities, Toast Masters, The Red Hat Society, oh my! |Great for: lifestyle accounts.

48. Celebrities

You can post anything from your celebrity crush to your favorite idol. |Great for: lifestyle, beauty, or wellness accounts.

49. Family

We want to see your family dynamic and bond. |Great for: family or lifestyle accounts.

50. Decor

Let’s see those living rooms, bed rooms, kitchens, and more. It’s always cool to see someone’s personal style. |Great for: home, style, and lifestyle accounts.

It’s now time for you to do it for the gram. Go out there and make me proud. And I’m gonna hold you accountable. I want to see all the things you come up with. Tag me (@essencesylviasmith) if you use anything from this list in your next post!

And As Always,✨


Essence Sylvia Smith