DIY Adult Easter Eggs - On Wednesdays We Drink Wine (OWWDW)

I was inspired by a fellow blogger, The Trophy Wife Style . I figured Adult Easter Eggs would be a great addition to my show On Wednesdays We Drink Wine.

On Easter we acknowledge and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is written in the New Testament of the Christian bible. Easter is also a time when children and kids receive gifts. Well, this year I aim to acknowledge the adults as well. Remember, Jesus did in fact turn water into wine.

The plastic eggs can be found at Dollar Tree but I’ve also seen them in other stores like Michaels. However, you can’t beat the cost of $1. I purchased my mini bottles of Sutter Home and Barefoot at a local convenience store for about $2 a bottle but they can also be bought in packs. I have also seen them in my local grocery stores.

Large Easter Eggs

Large Easter Eggs

Decorative Grass

Decorative Grass

Mini Sutter Home Wine Bottles

Mini Sutter Home Wine Bottles

Starbust Candy

Starbust Candy

Supply List

Large Plastic Easter Eggs
Decorative Grass
Mini Candies (of your choosing)
Mini Wine/Alcohol Bottles


Step 1

Fill the plastic Easter Egg with the decorative grass.

Step 2

Place your candy in the plastic Easter Eggs.


Step 3

Place your mini Wine bottles in the plastic Easter Eggs.


Step 4

Close your Easter Egg and enjoy!


And As Always,✨