I Love You Like 90s R&B - Essence Sylvia Smith - Live FinESSe

Authors: Essence Sylvia Smith and Akeisha. J Moseley

The lights are dimmed, droplets of rain are cascading down the window as the luminescent flame from the candle dances in the background. The music causes you to reflect...beyond a surface level; more so, on the brink of soul searching. You begin to reminisce on your journey of love, life and unconditional happiness. Now ladies and gentlemen, you know what I'm talking about! I'm talking about the oldies but goodies, that feel good music, the music that you put on repeat two or three times because you didn't appreciate it as much on the first spin. Oh, and lets not forget the smooth tunes thatslide out of your speakers as you play the quiet storm radio station during the midnight hours. Whenever we occasionally go out to the club or a lounge, I'm drawn to the wind-down section; what we know as "grind time." The DJ picks up the mic, tells the fellas to grab a lady and allow the rhythm to takeover. It's funny how music has the power and ability to make people forget their differences and come together. When speaking of 90s R&B, the music made you feel something even when you were too young to know what that "something"  or"je ne sais quoi" was.  we don’t know if it was the emotions or the simplicity but we love this area and genre of music.

90s R&B was the soundtrack of our adolescent years.  Lets put this on record, We are die hard 90s R&B fans. Hell, if you catch Essence driving, she is listening to a 90s R&B on Apple Music. Our friends say this is the reason she drives slow, but who cares. If on the road, you can find Akeisha belting out these songs and tapping into the song scenarios her my mind.

Let’s explore the themes of 90s R&B, "Can We go deep?":

Men and Women ain’t s@*! 

Yes, we all know this to be true in some cases; however, have you ever loved someone so much that you would literally give him or her the clothes off of your back? We've have seen it too many times. We invest our time in someone who ends up hurting us in the end. They hurt you so bad you tell yourself "I’m not gonna cry ". We have all had our share of relationship woes. Yet, it's something about that bad person that sucks you in and makes you feel so good. It makes you yearn for their presence despite the apparent fact that the hurt and the angst may very well resurface. 

Real love feels good 

Find you someone that "gives you good love" and aims to make you high off of it. Did you catch my subliminal? We also learned from 90s R&B that real loves hurts and is a journey. Songs like "As we lay" or "Creep" told us that if you aren't being treated  right, find someone one who will. However, besides the few cheating songs, We loved how the 90's era reinforced that being a one woman man or a woman only wanting one man was #relationshipgoals. Being faithful was appreciated and cool. Real love will have you weak in the knees. 

Sex is more than physical

It's a full body connection: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. This era of music wasn't just about f***ing b****es and getting money. Yes your man wanted to get "freaky with you" but there was a romance and seduction factor. A way of expressing how you feel without verbally saying it. Bring on the metaphors, similes, imageryand personifications to convey your love!

Make the audio match the video

Nothing beats a  90's R&B video. The were simple and like movies. They were stories. There wasn't anything overly flashy and extra. 90s R&B videos were basic. Yes the words the artist sung resonated with you but the audio matched the video, and that's what you should look for in love. 


Remember cuffing season is upon us.....

90s R&B taught us how to love because if it doesn't feel like 90s R&B, We don't want it.... and you shouldn't either.

And As Always,✨


We are building a playlist, What's your favorite 90s R&B song? Comment below and share with us.