Each year prior to UNCC’s Homecoming, Live Finesse curates a list of individuals to highlight. “I Am My Brand” was created to help connect (in networking) the black population at UNC-Charlotte, as it continues to grow. The Live Finesse team believes it is also important to shine light on individuals who continue to grind and work hard.

The past two years nominations have been selected internally. However, this is year we are opening nominations.

Please nominate a BLACK member of the UNC Charlotte family who is excelling in their area of expertise.

The criteria:

  • The nominee must be a part of UNCC's Black 49er family (Matriculation is required)

  • The nominee excels in their area of expertise. Including, but not limited to: trades, brands, businesses, careers, and jobs.

  • The nominee is finding and/or has found success with post-college endeavors.

Deadline: August 31, 2019

Finalist Deadline: September 6,2019

See the past honorees: 2018 and 2017



This list is dedicated to 20 movers and shakers who are out there doing it!

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