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✨ My girls and I are heating things up this Summer. [LISTEN] to The Hot Girls Podcast 

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✨ This  newsletter is everything you need on a Monday morning to help you to finesse your week. 


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✨ Issa Read,  even in this digital age reading is still fundamental. Trust me my blog post won't disappoint. 


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✨ Join me for my Wednesday wine down as explore the world of wine. (Season 2 is a Facebook only platform)

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Another Finesse Mei production..
✨ Ladies, want to feel empowered? Then attend my dance class! Co-hosted with Simply Mei.


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✨ Looking to grow and engage your blog/brand ? Join a group of dope women of color looking to do the same.

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“FinESSing is motivation to live life to your fullest potential by being charismatic, having a zest for life, and being unapologetically YOU!”

-Essence Sylvia Smith


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