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The House of Finesse is your weekly motivation to jump-start the week with zest and finesse! Monday’s just got a little more exciting.

THOF is your all-access pass to everything Live Finesse. It’s for the moments in life when you don't always have the answers, and you're trying to figure it out. It’s for people who take the opportunity by the horns, ride it, and finesse along the way. This newsletter is for people who have a zest for life, and enjoy being unapologetically who they are. If this sounds like you then please continue reading. If it doesn’t then I still encourage you to keep reading.

Inside each newsletter:

  • Essfirmations: Hand-picked encouraging quotes and affirmations. The themes change monthly.

  • Weekly Recap: A lot goes on in just a week. So, I’m here to give you a break down.

  • For the Group Chat: Content and information you care about.

  • Finesse Picks: A curated list of things I really love, want, and must have.

  • Finesser of the Week: Share with me how you finessed your week. I want to hear your wins, breakthroughs, and crazy stories. My team and I will select one Finesser per week

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